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Pare Ko

Pare Ko

Jan. 11, 1995PhilippinesR
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Happy-go-lucky group of teenage friends Francis, Chipper, Mackie, Abe, Lester, and Carol are known as party animals Nadine, who belongs to a troublesome family, always wants to find peace that she cannot find in her own home, hates their group of friends believing that they are too immature. Yet, Nadine finds herself falling in love with Mackie who shows her that he is not as bad as she thinks. As the two become a couple, Mackie realizes that Nadine bears too much anguish in her heart. Mackie finds himself struggling to cope with Nadine’s uptightness and her constant nagging. As their fights become too frequent, Chipper enters the picture and get Nadine’s back when Mackie withdraws. As Nadine and Chipper develop a deeper friendship, Mackie feels betrayed and confronts Chipper. As the two friends argue over a woman, their whole group will be torn on who to side with. Will their friendship find a way to surpass this challenge?

Original title Pare Ko
IMDb Rating 7.3 11 votes

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  • EthelApril 22, 2021Reply

    sana all malakas uminom ng beer

  • EthelAugust 23, 2021Reply

    walang audio

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